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Help with creating a database for auto repair

Автор hawrd strack, 18 июня 2018 12:33
на форуме 3-й год


As the name implies, I have an auto repair shop and I'd like some pointers on how to set up a database for keeping track of customers and their info (names, addresses, numbers, vehicles, etc.), parts purchasing, invoicing, etc. I've learned quite a bit from sheepdog's website regarding the basics of databases, but I'm not sure exactly where to start with my project.Among other things, here's what I want from an invoice:I want to input a vehicle's year of manufacture, then I want to select a manufacturer from a dropdown list, then I want a dropdown list containing only those models available in that year, from that manufacturer.I have lists of both manufacturers and models already.What I need to know is: do I combine them into one table or would it be wise to have one table for 'make' and one table for 'model' ?Why go with one table instead of two, or visa-versa?I'm fairly computer literate, though I'm new to databases.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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