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Ever Been Screwed Over Buying a Used Car?

Автор Robert Standley, 12 июля 2018 11:48
на форуме 3-й год


To make a long story short, my sister purchased a used 2002 Jeep Cherokee Limited back in late January from a local Jeep dealer. We had our mechanic give the car a once over, and other than a couple of minor things (tires, front brakes) he gave it a clean bill of health for a car with 56k miles on it. Based on this, she went ahead and bought the car for $11,700. The dealer gave her a 30 day 50/50 warranty on most major stuff- engine, drivetrain etc- which stated that if something came up within 30 days, the dealer would split the repair 50/50 with her. She bought the car, took it into get the work done identified by our mechanic and went on her merry way.Two weeks later, she called me and told me that for the last couple days her oil light had been going coming on, and her oil pressure seemed low. She took it to our mechanic and he told her that it was his opinion that something was seriously wrong with the engine because the car was not keeping normal oil pressure with the proper amount and weight oil in the car. He stated that it might indicate excessive engine wear or some type of serious engine issue. At this point, we took the car back to the dealer to explain the issues and see what they could do. Initially, they said there was no issue, but when we pressed them, they told us it was a cracked cylinder head, and that our share of the replacement cost would be $900. Not exactly trusting their opinion, we took the car back to our mechanic, who checked the cylinders and state emphatically that a cracked cylinder wasnt to blame. At this point, we went back to the dealer but they essentially refused to deal with us. Our mechanic put some heavier weight oil in the car and just told my sister to watch it while we worked out a solution.

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