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Investing in a startup business?

Автор hawrd strack, 18 июня 2018 12:35
на форуме 3-й год


This is a complicated question, because I'm not even sure what to ask or who to ask. Maybe that is a problem...I am an anesthesiologist, and a colleague of mine has started an outpatient anesthesia business - essentially providing traveling anesthesia services to dental offices in town, with plans to expand to more offices and eventually other states. My friend is legit. Runs everything by the book (medically speaking) and is providing quality care. They started turning a profit recently after about 1 year of being in business.The company is expanding and therefor requires more money and I have the opportunity to invest for stake in the company. On one hand - I have nothing but confidence in the medical care being given.On the other hand - I am a physician and have no idea how to evaluate the financial health of a company. My investment strategy thus far has been low cost index funds in the style of many bogleheads.
So - how do I evaluate the books on this company? Any advice? Thoughts?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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