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В новороссийском районе отремонтируют ж/д переезд

16 января на территории Гайдукского сельского округа стартовали работы по ремонту ж/д переезда и бетонированию перекрёстка ул. Свердлова, ул. Шевченко, улица Заводская...

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Ever Been Screwed Over Buying a Used Car? 0 12 июля 2018 11:49


To make a long story short, my sister purchased a used 2002 Jeep Cherokee Limited back in late January from a local Jeep dealer. We had our mechanic give the car a once over, and other than a

Thoughts on owning an auto repair shop? 0 18 июня 2018 12:34


This is purely a thought exercise at this point. A local gas station/garage near me just closed up shop (The owners got in hot water with the law and I believe may be in jail right now). It's

Help with creating a database for auto repair 0 18 июня 2018 12:33


As the name implies, I have an auto repair shop and I'd like some pointers on how to set up a database for keeping track of customers and their info (names, addresses, numbers, vehicles,

Volvo to soon sell Electric Trucks in Europe 0 19 мая 2018 09:33


Volvo Trucks announced its introduction of electric trucks for urban distribution in Europe.
The electric truck will be built based on Volvo’s extensive experience with electric buses.


The Tesla electric Semi-Truck 0 19 мая 2018 09:32


Elon Musk had first mentioned about the company's plans to develop commercial vehicles in July last year, when he drafted the company's 'Master Plan'. Musk had said that the Tesla semi would

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